Beer Carbonator

Beer Carbonator

Beer Carbonator



  • No Refill CO2 Cartridges Required
  • Lightweight, durable and portable
  • Able to hold cans and bottles of all sizes
  • High technology system to enhance beer's taste and flavor
  • Suitable for beers of all style


  • Slight operating noise
  • Lid will goes back
  • High end product

This carbonator is designed with getting the perfect tasting beer with the right amount of foam and texture in mind. To put it simply, it’s exclusively designed and made for beer lovers! And that’s why they name this best selling beauty as “Fizzics Revolutionary Beer System“. In addition, this beer carbonator is very easy to use and clean. To use all you have to do is place your beer into the canister, ensuring the hose is inserted into the beer. Seal the canister, and then tap the handle forward to pour out the beer. Ensure you hold the glass/beer mug at a 45° angle. When you buy beer carbonator, you can have some draft beer every time. Read on to find out the unbiased review of this beer carbonator:


PROS: Reasons to get the Fizzics Revolutionary Beer System (Beer Carbonator)

  • The Fizzics Revolutionary Beer System does not require you to get CO2 cartridges or ongoing refills to work.
  • This beer carbonator is lightweight, durable, and portable. This makes it great for tailgating, camping, and all manner of outdoor uses.
  • The Fizzics Revolutionary Beer System can hold cans and bottles of all sizes and is compatible with even a 64 oz. growler.
  • This beer carbonator uses a patent pending gas and fluid tech to improve the taste and flavor of your beer.
  • The Fizzics Revolutionary Beer System works with beers of all styles, from lagers to ales, to stouts, to pilsners and so many more.

Beer Carbonator Dispense

Cons of this beer carbonator

  • The equipment is a little noisy when operating.
  • The lid does go back all the way.
  • The Fizzics Revolutionary Beer System is expensive hence is considered as a luxury product.

Beer Carbonator Internal

Overall, the Fizzics Revolutionary Beer System is an amazing piece of engineering. This carbonator allows you to improve both the carbonation and aroma of any type of beer, without the need of adding any additives whatsoever, allowing you to create a velvety full-bodied taste and flavor without the need of chemicals. Thus,with the Fizzics Revolutionary Beer System, you can always have a draft beer anytime and anywhere.

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