carbonatorWho will need a carbonator?

carbonator-cocktailMaybe you’d like to try your hands on some sparkling healthy cocktails, or you just want to enjoy a glass of sparkling water, creamy beer that all beer lovers crave for or soda made at home. If so, then you need a carbonator and it will make your whole experience from preparing your favorite ingredients all the way up till drinking the end product plus the after taste unforgettable!

Thus, they are for all ages who love to have a home-made sizzling yet healthy and delicious drink~


Why is there a need to buy carbonator?

carbonator-sugar is bad for youNot only is commercial soda bad for your health, it is also hard on your pocket. Commercial soda is full of sugar and high-fructose corn syrup, aspartame, and other unhealthful sweeteners. This will cause diabetes and because of that, many health-conscious persons have taken to making homemade soda.

Not only are these healthy, you know exactly what is going into them. This makes it advisable to buy water carbonator and make your own soda water at home.


What are the types of carbonators?

Water and soda carbonator are the more commonly known products out in the market. However, there is also another type of carbonator where it’s less known and many of you will be surprised by that.


Beer carbonator! Surprise surprise~(not really though as it’s already briefly mentioned in the first paragraph) Beer lovers have one more must get product from now onward. Its sole purpose is to enhance the user experience by triggering his/her taste bud to the taste and flavor of the beer. We all know foam is vital in beer and that’s exactly what this carbonator will does it’s job into splitting the bubbles into smaller ones and create a creamy texture once it’s in contact with your mouth. The product truly meant for beer lovers.


How do you make carbonated drinks

  1. Fill up the bottle with your desired choice of liquid and chill it for optimal taste.
  2. Hit the carbonating button in pulses until loud buzz will sound off signalling that standard fizz is already produced.
  3. If you are a fan of fizz, simply add more pulses to the button until your preference is met.


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Health benefits of carbonated water?

carbonator-drink more water

Sparkling water also keeps you well-hydrated as water will. You will also tend to drink more water as sparkling water feels and tastes better. Best still, you know the ingredients that go into your sparkling water.

Other health benefits of carbonated water include relieving stomach problems such as nausea and indigestion, and constipation.

According to a water study in 2014 held in the United States by Toluna, it is reported that carbonator owners drank 43% more water as compared to those who did not have one.


Where to buy carbonator?

If you are a smart consumer, you probably will compare multiple similar products in terms of quality and price that you will be purchasing and the easiest way to do it is by shopping online. One of the most established and highly reputable online shop that fits the above criteria is amazon. So, hurry and pampered your taste buds and get your very first water, soda and beer carbonator at amazon now!